Cana's Feast

Willamette Valley, Oregon

A Tuscan-inspired winery with a small team that care deeply about the quality of wines they make and the genuine hospitality they offer. While the wines are definitely inspired by “Old-World” traditions, they are also unique expressions of the Pacific Northwest environment where they are rooted, and the frame of mind that characterizes their lives in Oregon. Their craft is about simply making small-lot, low-input, wines. Fruit grown in the right place and fermented with as much care as intention, makes delicious wine.

Some of are light, expressive & easily approachable, while others are less restrained, showing great depth and ageability. Whether they are bright & quenching or juicy & full, all are accessible. And keep an eye out for their Chinato!

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Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin


Sitting with a glass Frederiksdal wine in hand, you need a moment forget about both grape wine and cherry wine and let yourself be surprised. Their wines have some unique flavors that originate from one of the best fruit in the world, namely the Danish Stevns cherries. With this berry they have established a quality wine that does not really look like anything else. It is not traditional cherry wine, as you probably already know. It is also not port wine or red wine. It is something very special.

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Jeriko Estate

Mendocino County, California

Founded in 1997 and redesigned in 1999 by Daniel Fetzer, an estate winery and wine bar was added to showcase Jeriko’s handcrafted Biodynamic and Organic wines.

Key to Jeriko’s philosophy is the use of Biodynamic farming practices. Cover crops promote diversity and encourage a healthy soil balance without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. They found that Biodynamic or Organic methods exhibit good structural balance and require less manipulation during the vinification process; as well as being good for animal life and the environment. It’s common to see chickens, goats, and sheep roaming Jeriko’s vineyards and hillsides.

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