Cana's Feast

Willamette Valley, Oregon

A Tuscan-inspired winery with a small team that care deeply about the quality of wines they make and the genuine hospitality they offer. While the wines are definitely inspired by “Old-World” traditions, they are also unique expressions of the Pacific Northwest environment where they are rooted, and the frame of mind that characterizes their lives in Oregon. They make a very classic Barolo style formula of Chinato with Nebbiolo, Quinine, more than 20 different herbs, spices, and fortified with Clear Creek Grappa. Think beautiful aperitivo combined with a luxe amaro!

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Hammer & Tongs Vermouth

Portland, Oregon

The craft of a black smith is basically to harness great energy for the purpose of refashioning raw elements into a refined piece of work that is both durable and useful. And much in the way that an apothecary might have concocted a refined, medicinal tincture that was both durable (preserved in ethanol) and useful (it’s healing properties), it is only with great energy and determination that naturally pure ingredients are forged into works as refined as our Hammer & Tongs Vermouths. While they are not traditional “styles,” both are undeniably deliciously high quality, mixable, or enjoyed simply over ice.

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