Burns & McCoy

Fort Collins, Colorado

A unique brand of mixers to spice up any cocktail. Burns & McCoy's Margarita and Bloody Mary Mix add the perfect flavor to your perfect drink. Share it with your friends, share it with your guests, or enjoy a relaxing drink while sitting by the fire or on the beach. By giving you nothing but the perfect pour, we are sure you will enjoy this in any situation.

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Lopez Island, Washington

After being introduced by a friend to the “healing with raw food” snacks; goji berries and cocao nibs, Randall knew what was missing: a little spicy heat. With a passion for local ingredients from around Lopez Island and top quality, Chicaoji was born! Combining CHIpotle, caCAO, & goJI made up its unique name and flavor profile. It’s now Certified Organic, shelf stable medium-heat vegan sauce made with Kosher, gmo free, gluten free ingredients. Available in sizes from 1.7oz – 64oz for all of your cooking and concocting needs.

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Corvus Coffee Roasters

Denver, Colorado

Corvus Coffee Co is a Specialty Coffee Roaster in Denver, Colorado. They pride themselves in working with Single estate and Privately owned farms. They believe farmers can provide themselves with better livelihoods through better coffee, instead of fair trade, organic, or other for-profit certifications to make us feel good in the states.

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Happy Leaf Kombucha

Denver, Colorado

Happy Leaf’s goal is to brew the best kombucha on the market. Their proprietary culture of bacteria and yeast gives Happy Leaf Kombucha a flavor profile unlike any other. They hand select all ingredients and even blend their own tea to ensure the best product possible. Their teas are raw, vegan and gluten free. They don’t use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and source organically. Happy Leaf Kombucha is proudly brewed using Rocky Mountain water in the RiNo Art District of Denver, Colorado.

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Health-Ade Kombucha

San Diego, California

Health-Ade's goal is to expand kombucha beyond the realm of health enthusiasts and into the mainstream so that everyone has access to the benefits of this bubbly, delicious, probiotic tea. Health-Ade is produced and distributed only in glass and only using organic and toxin-free ingredients. All these advantages ensure Health-Ade has a delicious taste for the healthiest kombucha on the planet.

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Kure's Ginger Beer

Loveland, Colorado

Kure's Craft Beverage is a company that makes small batches of craft ginger beer. Our ginger beer is non-alcoholic and is made finest ingredients to create a refreshing and delectable ginger beer. Mix this ginger beer with your favorite spirit or enjoy it on its own.

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Scrappy’s Bitters

Seattle, Washington

Scrappy’s Bitters was founded by Seattle bartender Miles Thomas. In his search for a better bitters, he dove headfirst into research and development, immersing himself in the world herbs and methods of extraction. He learned to pair flavors in order to intensify the taste he was seeking, and he came to understand that there were not only many ways to extract flavor from the same source, but that each yielded a different flavor. His journey proved fruitful: After years of experiments Scrappy’s officially launched in 2008, and a small, but dedicated team has been making handcrafted bitters in Seattle, WA ever since.

At Scrappy’s, they believe in living well through the senses—and part of living well is drinking well. They want you to taste, smell, and savor their commitment to excellence one cocktail at a time. Every flavor and every component of their bitters has been thoroughly considered and developed by by hand. This is how they make the finest bitters in the world and every drink better.

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The Real Dill

Denver, Colorado

Tyler Dubois and Justin Park had each been making pickles on their own, just for fun. After exchanging recipes for a while they finally made a batch together with fresh ingredients from Tyler’s garden. The batch led to a “pickle epiphany.”

They spent the better part of the next two years developing new recipes, drawing inspiration from unique ingredients that they loved to cook with but had not necessarily been typically associated with pickles.

After talking a lot about pickles for two years they finally took the leap and launched the brand at Denver farmers markets in the summer of 2012. To this day, they still follow the same recipes they created in their home kitchen, using all natural ingredients and home canning techniques.

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Top Note Tonic

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mary Pellettieri, co-founder of Top Note, has a passion for quality. The former brewer for Goose Island, then Miller Coors, and a long-time GABF judge, fell in love with the aperitivo style of drink in Italy. They wanted to make classic tonics with all natural ingredients in but in a concentrated syrup form. This way, whether at home or at a bar, people can enjoy the restorative and refreshing properties of tonics without compromising on quality. Mix 1 part Top Note Tonic and 5 parts club soda or seltzer water and you can make delicious non-alcoholic sodas and craft cocktails. Try the Bitter Orange, Bitter Lemon, and Indian Tonic on the market in Colorado now!

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Upstart Kombucha

Boulder, Colorado

We were on a mission to create a kombucha that anyone can enjoy. Not too vinegary, not too sweet, but all about the taste. Our kombucha contains all-natural, organically certified ingredi- ents, and is 100% raw, vegan, and gluten free. Each bottle is packed with vitamins and probiotics that provide many health benefits and just make you feel good.

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