Celestial Meads

Anchorage, Alaska

With a respect for different styles of honeys (almost approaching them as a wine make would different grape varieties) Celestial Meads are unique with authenticity and thoughtful with variation. The Alaskan producer masterfully allows fermentation to take place with as little interactions as possible. Meads crafted from very specific honeys can have notes of ripe fruit and citrus peels while the bounty of locally sourced berries find their way into different styles and create a harmonious variety of flavors.

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Green River Ambrosia

Greenfield, Massachusetts

Great meads start with great honey. Green River Ambrosia procures the majority of its honey from Dan Conlon at Warm Colors Apiary, who is one of the most knowledgeable beekeepers and honey producers in the Northeast.

By using a no-boil method in their mead making, Green River Ambrosia warms its honey to around 100 degrees to allow all of the delicate floral flavors from the honey to make it into the finished product. Most honey on the market has been heated in order to prevent crystallization and to allow it to be easier to pump and package. High heat will destroy vital components in the honey that provide health and flavor, so Green River Ambrosia has pledged to never boil their honey before, during, or after the mead making process.

All Green River Ambrosia meads are sulfite-free and are bottle aged from 3-18 months before being released to the public.

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Moonlight Meadery

Londonderry, New Hampshire

The perfect mingling of innovative ingredients with classical flavors summarizes the meads and ciders of Moonlight Meadery. The uniqueness from berries, vanilla and even oak barrels turn heads and impress through proper execution. The honey is always present and is layered in a wonderful way that ranges from retained and dry to decadently sweet. Moonlight’s portfolio is large and very inviting as there seems to be something that will fit the desire of anyone who happens to have an interest.

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