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CSA Weekly


Will this heat wave ever end?! Probably, but our supply of nice cold craft beverages won’t! We have some new new brews and restocks from awesome suppliers. With only four weeks of summer left, we are starting to prepare for the fall-inspired flavors of beer, ciders and kombuchas.


Against the Grain Brewery

Against the Grain out of Louisville makes its much anticipated return to Colorado! AtG has been making innovative, exciting beers since 2011. We first brought Against the Grain into Colorado way back in 2015. In this time, they have gained a large cult following because of their delicious beer and fun artsy labels. While their labels range from hilarious to potentially “controversial”, one thing stays the same: delicious, well executed, honest beer.
Of course we are bringing in some old favorites like Citra Ass Down DIPA and Brown Note. Since they were founded on not making the same beer twice, we HAD to bring in something new. Their flagships will be accompanied by the brand spankin’ new beers Pool Boi Light and Live, Laugh, Love Passionfruit Sour! With all of their beer, two things are for certain: exemplary liquid and eccentric dope labels. 


Prairie Artisan Ales

Our friends from Oklahoma brought us a brand new summer banger Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

This sour ale is brewed with pineapples, pecans, cherries and yellow cake! These guys CRUSH their sour beers and we are stoked to have this special release in house and going out this week. We also received more of Rainbow Sherbet, SLUSH Sour and Vape Tricks.


Breakside Brewery

Introducing Guava Lime Sparkler! Their sixth out-of-state collaboration is with Sun King Brewing from Indianapolis for Breakside’s 10-year Anniversary year. 

What is a Sparkler exactly? It’s a fruited sour ale blended with a house-made club soda. Looking for the perfect, light summer sipper? This is it! With big additions of guava and lime zest, this sparkler has bright tropical and citric notes.

Monday’s aren’t so bad when you have awesome beers like these to look forward to! Thank you to our lovely suppliers for sending us the GOODS!

CSA Weekly Release

CSA Weekly


The last few months have been difficult for everyone in our amazing Colorado community, but we’re still here distributing your favorite craft beers, cocktails, sodas and seltzers. Every level of our company here at CSA is working to keep our social distance, wear masks, provide our delivery drivers with everything the need to sanitize and disinfect between deliveries.We’re doing our part with cleaning and wearing masks, so please do yours by wearing yours! Keep supporting our local Colorado breweries and restaurants.

With that said, we are still operating as normal with more packaged beers, less kegs and new SKU’s from some of our favorite suppliers.


Two Roads Brewing

An interesting look at the world of hop extracts, Tow Roads has brought us their new hazy, juicy IPA Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Because it is just that! Calling all hop heads – Phil Markowski just blew our minds. When they were making this brew using hops and advanced hop products, Phil threw in Everything But The Kitchen Sink including Cascade Hop Extract, Comet Hop Hash, Citra Lupulin Powder, Hallertau Blanc Hop Distillate, T-90 pellets from Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Mosaic, Simcoe, Galaxy hops!⁣


Crooked Stave

It’s all in the ZEST! 🍊🍋

One of our favorites, “Do You Even Zest?!” is on it’s very last batch! 😱Freshly packaged this week, cans are available and ready to be taken with you on your next adventure.

This hazy DIPA is PACKED with citrus and hops.With an ABV of 7.5% this double isn’t boozy, but crazy delicious.



That 16 oz. GLOW UP!

Grapefruit Hibiscus is one of our favorite boozy booches and now it comes in a BIGGER size! Dreams really do come true! We have all of their 16 oz. SKU’s in house for our boochy-gang.

Monday’s look good in this business!

CSA Weekly Release Uncategorized

CSA Weekly


Hello to all of our friends of fermentation! We hope you are being able to enjoy these fabulous summer days and keeping cool while it is HOT.

From all over the country, we have some restocks and new beers coming down the pipeline. From Connecticut to Oregon, we bring the best of the nation to the great state of Colorado!


Area Two Brewing

From the genius brewing mind of Phil Markowski, the souring wizard, Area Two is a sour, barrel-aging and experimental brewery from Two Roads Brewing Company in Connecticut. We got both of the Synopsis varieties and the Twoquila both in 16oz. cans.

Twoquila is the Persian Lime Gose from Two Roads that has been brewed with agave and aged in authentic tequila barrels from Jalisco, Mexico. It is perfect for any fiesta.

The Synopsis series is for all of the wild ale lovers in your life. Sour, juicy and delicious these are offered in 2 packs to split with the sour head in your life.


Oakshire Brewing

From Eugene, Oregon we have another awesome drop from Oakshire! We are SO EXCITED that “No Ghosts” is included with this drop. The neon green brew that tastes of sour tangerine and orange arrives to our doors in Colorado. This sour ale is the thing of your neon green dreams.


Toppling Goliath Brewing

This rotator from our friends from Iowa is making a smash here in Colorado. This bad boy is brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops offering a pineapple and orange flavor the smash your taste buds.


C Squared Ciders

From Penrose, CO we have some refreshed C Squared cans available. They never add sugar or sulphates and produce delightful and original blends of cider that are crisp and refreshing in a variety of flavors. Brewed right here in Colorado, they have been our proud partners for a long time.

CSA Weekly Release

CSA Weekly


Welcome to July! We hope that you had a safe, amazing Independence Day Weekend. It’s hard to believe that 2020 is half way over, and we have faced all of the challenges that this year has brought head on. We at CSA have been keeping on the grind to keep the craft beverage industry alive despite new challenges and adapting to the new normal.

Summer is in full swing and we’re ready for the summer crushers and patio pounders. Temperatures are getting up to 90◦s on a regular basis and we are bringing in crisp beverages to keep you cool and refreshed.




We are teaming up with Gruvi to offer their amazing non-alcoholic beverages to new areas and expand their current reach across the great state of Colorado.
Gruvi‘s mission is to provide delicious, non-alcoholic beers for those who choose alcohol-free drinks that still taste AMAZING! They focus on health and inclusivity in the beverage world.
Currently we will be distributing their Juicy IPA, Craft IPA, Prosecco, and Craft Stout and are expecting the Weisse shortly!


Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

We just got a new, HUGE drop from our friends over at Jack’s Abby. Now you can purchase House Lager in 15 packs! What!? We also have some of their Post Shift Pilsner and Keller Maibock, and to round it out a variety pack including a mix of Post Shift, House Lager, Hoponious Union, and Blood Orange Radler.

CSA Weekly Release

CSA Weekly


Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there! We hope the weekend was full of sunshine celebration and good ol’ craft beer!

It is the first week of Summer and we are pumped for all the new limited summer releases coming down the pipeline.

Last week we were BUSY with our first drop of The Alchemist hitting the stores in Colorado for the first time! Focal Banger and Heady Topper made a SPLASH in our state and we still have some going out on route this week for the accounts we service on an every other week basis.

CSA Distributing has some new goodies that will be hitting the street this week from Crooked Stave, La Cumbre Brewing and Untitled Art.


Crooked Stave

We received a VERY LIMITED drop of Papa Bear’s Peachy Blues. Made in secret from and in honor of our founder and OG bossy bear, Chad. This is a spontaneous golden ale blend with fresh peaches and blueberries. Celebrate Dad with family and Peachy Blues.


La Cumbre Brewing Co.

The next in the Project Dank series is here! Project Dank: Summer Edition is the newest release from the hop laboratory down in New Mexico. Each recipe is created with a different blend of hops and techniques but always delivers on a delicious flavor profile.


Untitled Art

New from Untitled Art: CBD Sparkling Water! No sugar. No Gluten. Only 2 calories. The organic, flavored sparkling water offers clean, crisp, clear ingredients. Hop Culture has reviewed this seltzer as a “Must Have”. Read their article here.

Stay tuned for next week’s CSA Weekly Release Blog. Stay healthy and drink well friends.

CSA Weekly Release

CSA Weekly


This is a HUGE week for us! We have trucks arriving from all over the nation so we can provide Colorado with the freshest, high-quality craft beer. From sours, IPA’s, stouts, hard kombucha, and cider our team is working to bring all of the best offerings from our suppliers to your restaurant patios and refrigerators.

Summer is looking SWEET!


The Alchemist


All the way from Vermont, we just received a shipment from The Alchemist! This beer is as FRESH as it gets and was canned less than a week ago. It doesn’t get better than that.

John Kimmich is the man that basically invented the Hazy IPA style and their beer speaks for itself. We are stoked to deliver these highly sought after brews all around the state of Colorado.

Focal Banger and Heady Topper will be in the market starting this week. Get them while you can! These will sell out fast!


Crooked Stave

Elbow Fives is a Hazy DIPA collaboration with the brilliant minds from Westbound & Down brewery in Idaho Springs. Azaaca and our newest favorite hop Sabro are combined to make a tropical delight in this juuuuuuicy double IPA. Try our version today! Get those elbows up high people! Elbow Fives!


Prairie Artisan Ales

RESTOCK ALERT! We just got a fresh drop of some of our favorite beers from Prairie in Oklahoma featuring Vape Tricks, Blueberry Boyfriend and Rainbow Sherbet.

These summer sours are perfect for the sunshine and we love having Prairie in stock! Time to paint the town Prairie!

CSA Weekly Release

CSA Weekly


Memorial Day Edition


Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

The next variant in our Cybies series is here! We took those jammy Washington Raspberries from Silly Cybies and combined them with them sour Colorado Montmorency Cherries from Salvador Cybies. The result is Señor Cybies a jammy, sweet and sour Belgian dark ale aged in a French Oak Foeder for 9 months. This beer has been patiently conditioning in bottles for over 6 months and is now ready for your enjoyment! 

CS Señor Cybies 12/750ml NRSourCybies base w/ Washington Rasp and CO Cherries8.4%

Two Roads Brewing Company

Well, it’s finally here! Two Roads Road Jam, their summer seasonal is here and in perfect time for the Memorial Day weekend and all this warmer weather!

A wheat beer brewed with profuse amounts of raspberry, Road Jam is consistently one of Two Roads best selling beers! Fruity up front with a silky mouthfeel and an easy session, this beer is built for sippers and chuggers alike. It doesn’t matter where you are, this beer pairs well with everything- hiking, mowing, biking, porching, partying, movie-ing, dining and most of all good times! Get some while it’s in season!

Two Roads Road Jam 4/6/12oz CNAmerican WheatIrresponsible amounts of Raspberry; summer wheat ale5.0%

Breakside Brewing
What happens when Breakside attempts to make a New England IPA?

Oh you know, just a Gold Medal Winner in the “Hazy or Juicy Strong Pale” category at GABF in 2019! This is one of, if not thee hardest GABF categories to win a medal, yet alone a Gold Medal. We are excited to announce What Rough Beast’s transition into 6 pack 12oz bottles! This GABF Gold Medal Winner will now be available as a year-round offering.
What Rough Beast takes predominately Mosaic and Columbus hops to create a contemporary IPA. An unfiltered IPA with tropical juicy qualities and a soft restrained bitterness. Overall this is a “slight” nod to those New England IPAs but it is NOT your typical haze bomb. We love this approach to a juicy, balanced, crushable, modern “hazy” IPA and we know you will too. 

Breakside What Rough Beast Hazy IPA 4/6/12oz NRHazy IPAJuicy IPA. Gold Medal Winner at GABF6.8%

CSA Weekly Release

CSA Weekly


Beer is the most important discovery mankind has ever made. I am being very serious.

Beer is the oldest type of fermented beverage/alcohol and has spanned centuries of ingredients, cultures and technology. Beer was the flashpoint for many of mankind’s greatest achievements. In prehistory, many scholars believe the discovery of beer is what spurred ancient hunter-gatherers to settle down and start farming. The oldest known farming sites in ancient Mesopotamia have been proven to have granaries and malt houses for making the stuff. The earliest known form of the written word was a beer recipe- something so important to remember and pass down to generations that we developed a new way of communicating. Even some of the earliest known math equations are ancient Sumerian tablets, keeping track of beer stores and beer rations. I would argue (with not much substantiating evidence) that the wheel was invented so beer could be safely transported in their large, fragile clay amphora in ancient times. 

Fast forward to modern times and it’s crazy to think about how humans quest to make better beer has spurred some of our most advanced technological marvels. Refrigeration was developed by Germans so they could produce lager year round. The first major adopters of the technology in the US was Anheuser Busch and the meat packing industry whose investments in this early tech paved the way for the modern refrigerator. Even Louis Pasteur discovered pasteurization because he was wondering what caused beer to sour. This little discovery, born of our never ending quest to make better beer, ended up revolutionizing medicine, ushering in the modern era of microbiology and antibiotics and vaccines. Today, the beer industry remains a major investor in technologies. Just four years ago in our own state of Colorado, the very first autonomous delivery in the world was a load of beer shipped from Budweisers facility in FoCo to Colorado Springs. Ball Corp, the company that makes aluminum beer cans is so good at designing lightweight, highly pressure tolerant containers that they now build the components used to manufacture satellites, send rockets to the moon and put drones on Mars and beyond. Those innovations in material science all started with Coors investing in trying to make a better beer container.

Everything said here can be backed up and proven, minus the claim about the wheel. So yes, I truly believe beer is the most significant discovery mankind has ever made as it has been the prelude to some of the most important advances in society, economics, mathematics, medicine, transportation and supply chain management on which our modern world runs. Because we work at CSA, we get to sell the best versions of the most important discovery in history. We sell truth, art and culture in the form of technologically advanced, quaffable wallops. We are the keepers of society and this is why the beer we sell is considered essential.
So next time you make a toast, how ’bout raising that glass to the glass itself?… Thanks, Beer!


Prairie Artisan Ales

They’re back! Happy day when we see a new shipment of goodies from our friends over in Oklahoma City! On this shipment, we are lucky to be receiving ‘Merica, their Single Malt, Single Hopped American Saison! This Smash beer is made with floor-malted, hand-raked pilsner malt and the one and only Nelson Sauvin. The last time we got this beer was 5 years ago, and it’s now in cans so get it while you can! We also have restocks of many of Prairies other awesome items like Blueberry Boyfriend, Phantasmagoria, Vape Tricks and Standard!

Blackberry Farm Brewery

Some of the most tried-and-true producers in the United States of beautiful, classic expressions, Blackberry Farm is finally back in stock! Yes, everyone loves their classic saison (it has won multiple international gold medals for the style) but as they continue to adapt and expand, BBFarm is not scared of expanding on their respected pedigree. Goat Hill is a wonderful expression of an American made Kolsch. Crisp, bright and expressive, this is sure to be a summer favorite. This week also marks the first shipment of their new core- Mountain Lager. Mountain Lager is a tried and true Vienna Lager built on the cornerstone of Weyermann Malts and a noble hopping of Styrian Aurora and Czech Saaz. Only a few cases this time around!


Kure’s Craft Beverage Company

Ready-to-drink cocktails are becoming a top category in 2020 and for good reason. Historically RTD cocktails were made with synthetic tasting low quality ingredients. Not anymore. Kure’s aims to change your perspective on what a single serve canned cocktail is by using only the finest ingredients. Orange Cream Vodka Pop is made with REAL whole vanilla beans, fresh orange juice, carbonated water and Colorado-made vodka. Easy drinking and smooth this 7% delight is packed with flavor. Expect an explosion of refreshing orange, balanced by a creamy dash of vanilla and the perfect vodka boost. This cocktail is reminiscent of an orange creamsicle and tastes like a high-end freshly made libation. Perfect for you Memorial Day plans and a great option for Breakfast and Brunch. Just like their Ginger Beer, it’ll help cure that hangover! Serve cold and pour over ice for maximum effect.

CSA Weekly Release

Weekly Release 5.12.2020

It is a MASSIVE week over here at CSA! Tasty beer from around the country is making it’s way to us. We take pride in doing our part to bring you new, fresh beers. In the state of the world right now it is important to keep some variety in the every day routine.

We are releasing summer crushers and patio pounders for our Colorado people! 

Let’s get into it.. 


Fremont Brewing

Your new hoppy summer crusher hath arrived. Summer Pale Ale is a house favorite here at CSA. We love it’s delicious simplicity. 

Single Malt (2-Row Pale). Single Hop (Amarillo). But wait. Scratch that. This year Fremont decided to mix it up and add more complexity to the hop bill. Citra Cyro hops are added to the whirlpool to accompany the Amarillo hops. The Cyro lends flavors of tropical fruit and citrus while Amarillo adds a hop candy flavor with some slight dankness. Aside from the addition of Cyro hops, Fremont gave Summer Pale a fresh new look this year. Check it!

Fremont Summer Pale Ale 4/6/12oz CNAmerican Pale Ale1 Malt & 2 Hops- Amarillo hops and Citra Cyro5.0%

Two Roads Brewing

It’s been some time since we saw their last specialty Gose and we couldn’t be more excited for this release! Pineapple and Mango play a big role in this quaintly quaffable summery sour and take front stage- as with all the tanker truck series from Two Roads. Over fruited and boldly flavored, we only got a few cases of these for the state so get them while you can!

Two Roads Pineapple Mango Gose 6/4/16oz CNFruited GoseTropical twist on goses4.8%

Toppling Goliath Brewery

“Brewed each spring to celebrate our brewery’s annual day off to go morel mushroom hunting, this excitingly hazy double IPA is a tribute to our love of great hops and morels. Created with a combination of Pacific Northwest and Southern Hemisphere hops, Scorpius Morchella is meant to be shared with friends on a warm spring afternoon.”

Toppling Goliath Scorpius Morchella 6/4/16oz CNDIPADouble IPA w/ Southern Hemisphere/PNW hops7.8%

Ecliptic Brewing

Ecliptic is super excited about the release of their first Cosmic Collaboration in 16-ounce cans – and their first canned lager. We wanted to share this enthusiasm with you in this new virtual world we’re living in with the best release party we could- via Zoom! On May 14th, join John Harris (Ecliptic) and Shawn Kalis (Ruse) LIVE for an evening of exclusive insight and delicious fun, celebrating Ecliptic + Ruse Italian-Style Pilsner. Come join two of Portland’s best brewers and learn more about this trending style, The Italian-Style Pilsner. Lager is love!

Ecliptic/Ruse Italian Pilsner 6/4/16oz CNPilsnerCrushable yet aromatic from the German dry hop4.5%

CSA Weekly Release

Weekly Update 5.5.2020

How often is it that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Taco Tuesday? It is rare, but probably less rare than Cinco de Mayo falling on Taco Tuesday in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Though no one can say for sure, it is looking like there is a light at the end of the quarantine tunnel. While we all need to stay safe the possibility of patio season is looking bright. Spring has sprung and with it comes fresh beer, ciders, seltzers, kombucha, and cocktails. 

We are pushing through operations this week, preparing for some new goodies coming down the pipeline for next week. We have recently received restocks of some core SKU’s. 

Waveline Seltzer

The world’s first electrolyte-enhanced hard seltzer is finally here. These refreshing new kids on the block are vegan, gluten-free, and come in unique flavors perfect for your patio. 

Blood Orange, Pineapple Coconut, and Huckleberry Lime offer a crisp, light flavor and give your body the replenishing electrolytes to have a great day today and tomorrow. 

These are available in variety 12 packs.

Waveline Seltzer Variety Pack 2/12/12oz CN
Cider Mix PackBlood Orange, Huckleberry Lime & Pineapple Coconut4.5%

Happy Leaf Kombucha

Bright. Bubbly. Effervescent. Happy Leaf Kombucha comes in bright flavors and is brewed with live and active cultures. They infuse their raw, vegan kombucha with organic and local ingredients to produce delicious high-quality booch. 

All of these flavors are also available in kegs for home or office. 

Happy Leaf Cranberry Lavender 4/6/12oz CNCranberry Juice & Lavender
Happy Leaf Grapefruit Citra 4/6/12oz CN
Grapefruit Juice & Citra Hops
Happy Leaf Hibiscus Lemon Ginger 4/6/12oz CNFloral hibiscus with Lemon & Ginger
Happy Leaf Orange Basil 4/6/12oz CNRefreshing orange and basil flavored kombucha

This week we are focused on the health of our team, keeping high cleanliness and no-contact standards in every area of our business practices.

We are focusing on the products in-house and making space for our shipments of fresh beer, ciders, seltzers, and kombucha.

Stay tuned for next week’s release! 

CSA Weekly Release

Weekly Release 4.27.2020

Are you tired of drinking the same old beer in your stay-at-home slumber? Are you always looking for the newest, hottest, freshest beers? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are in the right place! 

Just about every week we are releasing a few brand new, never before seen beers in the Colorado market. We have built our model on the theory of “Rotation Nation”. We love that our breweries are expanding the boundaries of craft beer and always creating something new. Sure, we dearly love and respect our core beers but rotating seasonals/one-offs truly quenches our experimentation needs.

This week we have for your new releases from Breakside Brewing and Boochcraft Hard Kombucha. These products have never stepped foot in the Colorado market until now. We cannot wait to share them with you and we hope you enjoy the never ending onslaught of new beers from CSA Distributing! 


Breakside Brewing

@Portland’s IPA is Breakside’s 2x GABF Medal Winner IPA dry hopped 2x!! You may be asking, how can they make one of the best IPA’s in the world even better? Track down some cans and you’ll see for yourself what wonders that double dose of dry hopping does. We are absolutely stoked for both of these releases but they are very very limited. You might have to call around to find these goodies. Happy Hunting!


Breakside Brewing and Pinthouse Brewery came up with a beer for the ages. Using Pinthouse’s fruity yeast strain and Breakside’s juicy selection of hops Citra, Amarillo and Nelson. 

Dream Pop! IPA creates notes of juicy overripe peach, white wine and even a distinct Hawaiian punch flavor! This limited one-off beer was brewed to celebrate two of the greatest IPA producers in the country and Breakside’s 10th Anniversary.

Breakside @Portland’s IPA 6/4/16oz CNIPAFlagship IPA Double Dry Hopped6.2%
Breakside/Pinthouse Dream Pop! IPA 12/22oz NRHazy-ish IPAIPA w/ Nelson from Freestyle Farms and Citra, Amarillo6.0%


What’s better than a nice, cold glass of kombucha? A nice cold glass of organic, raw, unfiltered, vegan, kosher kombucha, that’s what! These guys are at it again with a new release for the season, Kiwi Vanilla! Using fresh, cold-pressed heirloom kiwi juice to amp up the flavor, Coachella Valley dates and whole Madagascar vanilla beans to round it out, Boochcraft has created a beautiful summertime beverage that anyone (21+ years) can enjoy! Still high-alcohol and the quality product you’ve come to expect from Boochcraft!

Boochcraft Kiwi Vanilla 12/22oz NRHard KombuchaDreamy combo of tart + sweet + creamy (kiwis, dates, vanilla)7.0%

Old Nation Brewing

M-43 and Boss Tweed have garnered quite the reputation in the Colorado market. We seem to get a drop of delicious, hazy, juicy New England Style IPAs and it is gone in an instant. These beers not only receive hype in the Colorado market but every other market that Old Nation distributes to. Across the country, people are calling their local liquor store to see when they expect more M-43 and how much they are able to buy. We are fortunate to be able to supply Colorado with as much M-43 as they can give us. This drop is super fresh and ready to be enjoyed this week. Check with your local liquor store on availability. It will not be around for long!

Old Nation Boss Tweed 6/4/16oz CNNew England Style Double IPAHazy NE Style DIPA w/ Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic9.3%
Old Nation M-43 6/4/16oz CNNew England Style IPACombination of Calypso, Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo6.8%
CSA Weekly Release

Weekly Release 4.20.20

It’s a BIG week over here at CSA. 

As a small, family-owned and operated, independent distributor, we take pride in the work we do as it is truly a labor of love. Our small company has been adapting best we can to these crazy times and it’s weeks like this that keep the fires burning and keep us plugged into what’s happening with our friends around the country…
Most all of our supplier partnerships started behind tables at festivals, conversations on beer blogs or at industry conferences and events. We enjoy working with the family of artisanal producers we’ve built over the years and always look forward to not only sharing a beer with them, but getting their wares to Colorado.

Yes, Colorado makes some amazing beers, but we find it important to keep connections with our colleagues around the country and world so we can stay up to date with all the happenings in our rich world of libations. We see these releases as a way to stay connected and informed. It provides a window outside of Colorado to see what big waves are being made in Maine, Vermont, Iowa, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington and so many other states that are world-class beer producers. It also helps out the friends we’ve made in the industry by providing them with a little bit of a lifeline during these tough times.

As always, we appreciate the support of our community both here in Colorado and in the rest of the United States. Without that community at home and abroad, we wouldn’t be here today, doing what we love so much!
Thank you!


Two Roads Brewing Company

Leave it to the dynamic team at Two Roads to keep new, exciting things coming down the line! Always on trend with their releases and on point with their execution, the crew at Two Roads has a few new things to tickle our fancies. The first two releases are full time SKUs and will be available moving forward: Wee Demon Low-Cal IPand a continuation of their H2Roads lineup finally makes it into an H2Roads Variety 12-pack with a new flavor to boot!

 Wee Demon Low-Cal IPA is a beer that’s light on calories and bursting with flavor. Designed to be a full-bodied IPA experience with only a fraction of the caloric content, Wee Demon could not have come sooner! Sitting at home for two weeks now, people are starting to look for healthier options without sacrificing flavor or body… this is it! 

It’s also great that Two Roads released H2Roads Variety 12-packs as well! With the addition of a new flavor, this twelve pack packs real fruit into a low-calorie seltzer that includes three each of four flavors: Cranberry LimeGrapefruitRaspberry and now Black Cherry!

Don’t drink seltzer made from lab-extracted “natural flavors.” Eat whole foods and drink whole fruits with H2Roads

The third and final release for this week is Hay-Z-Boy, the first IPA in their limited release rotation for 2020. Hay-Z-Boy fits perfectly into that post-modern IPA category as it is a little sweet, a little hazy and falls right in the middle of that tropical/citrus/earthy flavor profile. It’s what the people want, so they should have it! Let them drink haze!

H2Roads Variety Pack 2/12/12oz CNSeltzerCherry, Cran Lime, Grapefruit, Raspberry4.5%
Two Roads Hay Z Boy 6/4/16oz CNNE IPATropical, Citrusy and Earthy profile7.0%
Two Roads Wee Demon Low-Cal IPA 4/6/12oz CNLow Cal IPA95 cal, aromatic IPA w/ citrusy notes3.8%

Lawsons Finest Liquids

We are so excited for our shipments of Lawson’s Finest Liquids every time we get them! We have fresh Sip of Sunshine and Super Session that will be delivered throughout the state this week.

These will sell out fast, as always!

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine 6/4/16oz CNImperial IPAJuicy tropical fruit, floral aromas & hop flavor.8.0%
Lawson’s Super Session 4/6/12oz CNSession IPAlight/refresh beer -low abv w/ full hop character4.8%

Mikerphone Brewery

Okay, here is a super sexy release. Probably one of the most sought after, well-known special releases we’ve had in quite some time, Smells Like Bean Spirit has a cult-like following among beer nerds.

Mikerphone Smells Like Bean Spirit: Hazelnut 6/4/16oz CNImperial StoutBreakfast stout w/ maple syrup, coffee and hazelnut10.0%

Untitled Art

It’s been quite some time since our friends at Untitled Art sent us some beer, but we are stoked about this drop. Two Milkshake IPA’s and a Peach Sour are just what we need in times like these! These are perfect for porches and sunshine.

Untitled Art DH Peach Sour 6/4/16oz CNSour AleDDH kettle sour ale6.0%
Untitled Art Strawberry Milkshake IPA 6/4/16oz CNMilkshake IPASuper haze w/ obscene amts of vanilla & lactose7.0%
Untitled Art Tangerine Milkshake IPA 6/4/16oz CMilkshake IPAMilkshake IPA w/ tangerine puree8.0%

Fremont Brewing

Say what? Lush IPA now in 4 pack 16oz cans? Sure is! Lush IPA was one of the first beers to ever feature Lupulin Hop Powder and it has gained quite the reputation since its inception way back in 2017. We can go on and on about what we love about this beer from the consistency of the liquid to the beauty of the printed slick can. Fortunately enough, nothing has changed with its move to 16oz cans and for that we thank them. This format is extremely limited and there are only 60 cases for the entire state. 

Fremont Lush 6/4/16oz CNIPAWest meets East in this crisp juicy ipa7.0%

Une Annee Brewery

If you have never had a Une Annee Fruited Sour, you are really missing out! The fruit is what shines in the Le Seul series. These beers are perfect for the consumer that loves a little bit of beer in their fruit.

Une Annee Maya 6/4/16oz CNBelgian IPADry hopped IPA with a Belgian Yeast7.6%
Une Annee Le Seul IX (Strawberry) 12/2/16oz CNSourWild ale with strawberries, glowing red hue6.5%
Une Annee Le Seul XIV (Blueberry) 12/2/16oz CNSourAmerican Wild Ale w/ Blueberries6.5%
CSA Weekly Release

Weekly Release 4.13.2020

Happy Monday!

Thanks for visiting our weekly release page.

The following products will be available at select retailers beginning this week. Remember to check back on Monday afternoons to see what we have coming down the line each new week!

Next week is sure to be big with some Lawsons, Toppling Goliath and Untitled Art  expected to hit the Colorado market!


Crooked Stave

We are so excited to tell you about a new beer we brewed, Gucci Mango! It really came out even better than we expected and this is an amazing wheat beer with a refreshing mango finish! Made with real, whole mango, not puree or extracts, Gucci Mango is a whole-food, no-compromise beer.

This beer is a perfect crusher for hangin out in a park, or on the back porch. We didn’t make a lot and we expect this particular release to go quick! A lot of people are going to be after this release, so get what you can. What we have is what we have, so get it while we have it in stock!

CS Gucci Mango Wheat 6/4/16oz CN
Easy drinking wheat w/ Mangoes
Hazy, juicy, tropical, crushable5.2% ABV

Fremont Brewing

Lush, Fremont’s best-selling IPA over the last few years is now available in a new format, 16-oz Cans!

Fremont Lush 6/4/16oz CNWest meets East in this crisp, juicy IPA7.0% ABV

Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

Watch this video from Jack’s Abby!

Check out the link above for a short video about Jack’s Abby House Lager!

A 5-week lager that’s crisp, slightly sweet and full bodied at $10.99 a 6-pack of 16oz cans. We have a limited amount of cases left in inventory.


Ghostfish Brewing

We just received the latest batch of Ghostfish’s Hazy IPA – It Came From The Haze!

This Hazy Gluten Free India Pale Ale emits complex layers of tropical and citrus fruits with a distinct orange creamsicle flavor from the exotic hops. Very easy drinking with a lower bitterness than your typical IPA. This beer will excite the IPA drinker, while giving those Gluten-Free drinkers a much needed, approachable IPA.

Ghostfish Brewing
It Came from the Haze 6/4/16oz CN
Hazy IPAHazy, Gluten-Free IPA 7.5% ABV

That’s all folks, be sure to check back next week for some extra-sweet goodies dropping in Colorado!

CSA Weekly Release

Weekly Release 4.6.20

Here at CSA we are dedicated to bringing Colorado delicious, artisanal brews. We focus on quality at every step of our operation and distribution.

We will be implementing a “Weekly Release” through this blog feature on our website to present you with our new releases. Due to our present circumstances (COVID-19), we decided to open up our releases direct to the consumer.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all products are available in all territories at the onset of each week. This list is to act as a guide as to what we expect to be available pending freight delays, retailer purchases, routing schedules, etc… lots of moving pieces here, but we wanted to get you the best information we can. Pricing is not given as it is up to your independent retailer to set. 

We hope you enjoy reading through some of these intros and descriptions! As we are a specialty distributor, you may need to request your local, independent retailer to bring on specific products.

Schilling Ciders

You’d better believe it! Schillng has released two new products that really hit the mark- two low-cal, easy-drinking, apple-based booze packs that are flavorful, bold and refreshing!

Local Legend works off the same base as Excelsior, using a blend of heirloom bittersharp apples from France and England, then ferments it down to semi-dry to make for an easy-drinking, low-calorie cider option that still weighs in at a decent ABV.

On top of Local Legend, the innovative folks over at Schilling decided to try their hand in the seltzer category with their new release: Waveline. Instead of using beet sugar or maltose, they used apple juice! When have you ever had an apple-based seltzer?? What’s more, Waveline has added electrolytes to help keep your body performing throughout the day! With only 80 calories in each can, a fruit-based alcohol and added electrolytes, this seltzer from Schilling is sure to be a winner this summer…

Schilling Emerald City 4/6/12oz CNFruited PerryPear cider made with blackberries6.7%
Schilling Excelsior 4/6/375ml CNImperial CiderBittersharp apples; semi-sweet acid8.5%
Schilling Grapefruit 4/6/12oz CNCiderw/Grapefruit6.0%
Schilling Local Legend 4/6/12oz CNCiderBittersharp apples, low sugar, low-cal4.5%
Schilling London Dry Cider 4/6/12oz CNCiderenglish style dry6.5%
Schilling Variety Pack 2/12/12oz CNCider Mix PackMix it up0.0%
Waveline Seltzer Variety Pack 2/12/12oz CNCider Mix PackBlood Orange, Huckleberry Lime & Pineapple Coconut4.5%
Aloha Friday!

Downeast Ciders

Is every day Friday? Lately it seems that way, but we must assure you, it is not… For all of those days that need to be made into a Friday, Downeast has you covered with their Aloha Friday!

A fresh pineapple infused cider that drinks more like a mimosa than a cider, this unfiltered, unhinged fruit-forward tropical cider is just what the doctor ordered! We also have more Grapefruit in house! These two fruit-forward ciders are perfect for the springtime- whether you’re crunching through spring snow or waltzing through a spring bloom, these ciders are delicious and a perfect pairing for this time of year!

Downeast Cider Aloha Friday 2/9/12oz CNFruited CiderPineapple packed cider… very mimosa-esque6.2%
Downeast Cider Aloha Friday 6/4/12oz CNFruited CiderPineapple packed cider… very mimosa-esque6.2%
Downeast Cider Grapefruit Blend 6/4/12oz CNFruited CiderFresh, juciy grapefruit6.2%
Downeast Cider Double Blend 6/4/12oz CNImperial CiderHigher ABV, same unfiltered taste7.3%
Downeast Cider Mixed Pack 2/9/12oz CNVariety PackDbl Blend, Original Blend & White Blend0.0%

Twelve Percent Imports

Here’s a mixed bag of goods… and not in the hit-or-miss way, either. Twelve Percent Imports curates well-known, envelope-pushing breweries in their portfolio with a twist of flare in each of their partners.

Stillwater Artisinal, Evil Twin and Omnipollo are the mainstays of the 12% book, but newcomers like Nightmare, Fat Orange Cat, Public Access, Abomination and Decadent have kept this book of brands relevant as consumers preferences shift to haze-juice-bros and sticky-stout-sweet-toothers alike. There’s so much to explore in these cans, so I guess we’ll just have to dive right in…

Abomination Brewing Urayuli 6/4/16oz CNPale AleHopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic6.3%
Abomination Bro Beer 6/4/16oz CNSession IPAGalaxy-Hopped Session IPA4.7%
Abomination Creatures Revenge DIPA 6/4/16oz CNHazy DIPAFlaked Oat + unmalt wheat= ffluff7.0%
Decadent Ales Chocolate Milk Stout 6/4/16oz CNDIPABrewed w/ milk sugar and cocoa nibs7.3%
Decadent Ales NY Maple Coffee Porter 6/4/16oz CNImperial PorterCold Brewed coffee and maple syrup9.5%
Decadent Ales NY Smores IPA 6/4/16oz CNHazy DIPAAll Mosaic DDH w/ mallow and graham cracker8.6%
Evil Twin Even More Coco Jesus 6/4/16 oz CNImperial Stoutbrewed with Coconut & Maple Syrup12.0%
Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break 6/4/16oz CNImperial PorterCanned Biscotti. Sweet Tooth all the way Home11.5%
Evil Twin Maple BA Immune to Good Advice 12/22oz NRImperial Oat StoutBlis Maple syrup; BA in maple bbls10.7%
Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail 6/4/12oz CNImperial IPAImperial Imperialized IPA13.0%
Evil Twin Molotov LITE 6/4/16oz CNDouble IPADouble IPA8.5%
Fat Orange Cat Remove The Beer From Ocean 6/4/16oz CNHazy IPAEureka & Mosaic. Diggity dank berries.7.5%
Nightmare Brewing Crucifixion 6/4/16oz CNDIPABrewed with Sacramental Bread, hopped w/Vic Secret10.6%
Nightmare Parilla 6/4/16oz CNImperial StoutChilean bluberries. Ethiopian coffee. 16MF%!!!!!!!16.2%
Off Color Apex 6/4/16oz CNSaisonSaison6.5%
Omnipollo Double Moa 6/4/16oz CNSour AleLemon Curd Sour Ale brewed with Lemon & Lactose Su6.0%
Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar 6/4/16oz CNDouble IPAHighest ranked IPA in Europe8.5%
Public Access Outer Reality 6/4/16oz CNIPADDH IPA w/Columbus,Mosiac,El Dorado,Simcoe&Comet7.0%
Public Access Reason in Disguise 6/4/61oz CNHazy IPADH w/ citra, galaxy, comet7.0%
Stillwater Extra Dry 6/4/16oz CNSaisonFermented w/Sake Yeast4.2%
Stillwater Insetto 6/4/12oz CNSour AleDry hopped & w/ plums5.0%
Stillwater Remember Me 6/4/16oz CNHazy DIPADDH DIPA hopped with Nelson & Citra8.0%
Stillwater/Aslin Recess 6/4/16oz CNSour AleMosaic Dry-Hopped Raspberry Sour Ale5.5%

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Sabro Exploratory DIPA is done for the season to make way for our next dope IPA release. We changed it up a bit with a balanced adjunct-IPA. Mandarin Dream takes Mandarin citrus zest, the choicest hop blend and a dash of vanilla.

The beer is then double-dry hopped with Citra and Mandarin Bavaria to accentuate the adjuncts and give it an aromatic boost. A full-bodied yet extremely balanced beer with flavors of tropical fruit, citrus zest, and creamy vanilla.

CS Amplitude IPA 6/4/16oz CNIPAHazy, juicy, tropical, crushable6.0%
CS CO WildSage 4/6/355ml CNSaisonFloral aroma, soft herbal notes, crisp Brett bite7.0%
CS Coconut Coffee Imperial Stout 6/4/16oz CNStoutImperial Stout with toasted coconut and coffee9.5%
CS Crooked Stave IPA 4/6/355ml CNAmerican IPAFresh, Juicy, Tropical, Balanced6.0%
CS Get the Funk Out 12/750ml NRLambicLambic inspired sour ale. GABF Gold Winner5.7%
CS L’Brett d’Apricot 12/375ml NRSour Golden Ale Aged on FruitGolden sour ale aged in oak w/ Colorado apricots5.0%
CS Mandarin Dream IPA 4/6/355ml CNIPAJuicy IPA w/ vanilla and mandarin orange6.0%
CS Peachy Sour 4/6/355ml CNSourOak sour w/ peaches, lactose and crystal hops4.5%
CS Petite Sour Peach 12/375 ml NRPetite Fruit SourMixed fermentation, oak aged w/ PalisadeCO peaches4.5%
CS Petite Sour Raspberry 12/375ml NRPetite Fruit SourMixed fermentation, aged in oak w/ WA raspberries6.0%
CS Sour Rose 4/6/355ml CNPetite Fruit SourWild ale aged in oak barrels on fruit skins4.5%
CS St Bretta 4/6/355ml CNBrettanomyces citrus saisonArtisan Ale Brewed With Citrus, Oak Foeders6.0%
CS Von Pilsner 4/6/355ml CNKeller PilsnerCrisp, Refreshing, Bright, Traditional5.0%

Ecliptic Brewing

Cosmos Coconut Vanilla Hazy IPA started off as a one-off release never to be brewed again but received such high praise that Ecliptic decided to bring it back.

“Lose yourself in the Cosmos while discovering multiple dimensions of this Hazy IPA. Together, aromatic notes of vanilla and coconut work harmoniously to reveal a flavor that reaches well beyond the universe.” This beer is deceivingly smooth and crushable at 8.0% ABV. 

Ecliptic Carina Peach Sour 12/500mL NRSour Golden AleAged on Peaches.6.0%
Ecliptic Cosmos Coconut Vanilla Hazy IPA 12/500mlHazy IPAHazy IPA with Coconut and Vanilla8.0%
Ecliptic Flamingo Planet Guava Blonde 4/6/12oz CNFruited BlondeEasy drinking and lightly hopped blonde brewed wit5.5%
Ecliptic Phaser Hazy IPA 4/6/12oz CNNE IPACitra, Azacca, Mosaic, Motueka, Calypso6.5%
Ecliptic Tucana Tangerine Sour 12/500ml NRSourEasy drinking sour with Oregon Tangerines4.8%